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London’s Famous Dishoom Shoreditch Restaurant: Things To Know

Evolving subtly from its predecessor, the second-built Dishoom Shoreditch restaurant has a tangibly more bohemian and eccentric feel. The decor of the Dishoom Shoreditch restaurant is effortlessly impressive with its dark wood, dim lighting, cosy corners and shaded outdoor verandah. However, there is more than just the ambience that makes restaurant No.1, check out the article to know what the restaurant has for you to offer.

About Dishoom Shoreditch

About Dishoom Shoreditch
Image Source: Dishoom

Out of all the Dishooms, this Shoreditch branch is so far the customer’s favourite and one of the best Dishoom in London, certainly because it has the best aura. There’s a long-running nice verandah with wicker chairs that are made for warm days and nights, and the booths overlook the engaging Shoreditch High Street and the skyscrapers of the town in the distance. It’s comparatively much more spacious than the original Covent Garden located restaurant and has even much cooler than the King’s Cross. However, the waits tend to be shorter than in Soho.


In the year 2010, the original Dishoom opened in Covent Garden, and it immediately changed the expectations of what an Indian restaurant could and should be among Londoners. The homestyle cooking along with the vibey retro surroundings, and excellent cocktails proved to be a hit recipe for the young population looking for a good restaurant that could serve almost any need, from breakfast to brunch and even big group dinners along with fancy drinks. There are currently several Dishoom locations across London and they’re growing into other parts of England like a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. It is not very surprising to see that Dhisoom has now become one of the go-to places for anyone who wants to eat Indian food in this city, not only the locals but also the tourists alike.

Opening Times of Dishoom Shoreditch

The first thing you will notice about Dishoom Shoreditch restaurant is its busy queue. No matter which location of the restaurant you’re visiting, you’ll almost always find a bunch of people waiting to get a table and immense energy of excitement in the room. However, This hotel opens its doors for trying out amazing recipes and good times from 9 am and closes by 11 pm.

Dishoom Shoreditch’s Menu

Dishoom Shoreditch's Menu
Image Source: Foodie Force

‘Phenomenal’ would be an understatement for Dishoom’s menu. Dishoom Shoreditch has an extensive and amazing list of starters and snacks that are some accurate versions of recipes that you might eat in an Indian home kitchen. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of Indian classics, including tandoori chicken, naan bread, and naan cheese. But there’s also plenty of options for vegetarians and meat-free diners. The food is always freshly made and tastes.

Dishoom lunch menu 

Dishoom lunch menu 
Image Source: Italian Restaurant and Recipe

The Dishoom Shoreditch restaurant has numerous yummy dishes that you can find on the menu and the restaurant claims that all of them are satisfyingly filling and delicious. For all the spice lovers, you can start with having vada pau. Vada pau (Hot potato with crunchy titbits and chutney stuffed inside a homemade soft bun) is a unique street staple of Bombay and bhel among the sides that is full of flavours and enough to make your taste buds breakdance. Besides, you can also go for chole puri. For healthier food options, Dhisoom serves Chilli broccoli salad and Kala chana salad which are equally flavourful and delicious. However, there are more dishes on the Dishoom lunch menu that you can pick from based on your taste and preference.

Dinner in Dishoom Shoreditch

Dinner in Dishoom Shoreditch
Image Source: TripAdvisor

For dinner, you can go for roomali rotis which are here made with thin ‘handkerchief’ bread. The bread is stuffed with either paneer or chicken tikka that is later rolled and baked. You can even try soft stuffed cheese naan, garlic naan, or tandoori roti with steamed basmati rice among the mains. The veg sides available in the Dishoom menu of Shoreditch include dishes like chilli butter-bhutta, chilli broccoli salad, kachumber, and raita. And for non-veg, the restaurant serves lamb samosa, keema pau, chilli chicken, prawn koliwada, sheekh kabab, Murgh malai and more.

You can end your meal with refreshing drinks, pudding or even lassi. Among drinks, you can go for cool sharbat which includes fresh nimbu soda, inflation’s colada, passion fruit sharbat, and Kala khatta sharbat. And in lassis, Dishoom offers mango & fennel lassi, rose and cardamom lassi and the list goes on. For hot drinks, the menu has house chai, chocolate chai, breakfast Assam, green tea, ginger, lemon and honey tea. Moreover, Dishoom has a wide variety of wines too that you must try!

Don’t Forget to Order the signature dish of Dishoom

Dishoom's Biryani
Image Source: The Telegraph

Biryani is one of the most sought-after dishes in Dishoom Shoreditch. There are two different variants of biryani available on the menu: chicken berry Britannia and jackfruit biryani. Additionally, you must try the Dishoom House chaat and Dishoom chicken tikka and Dishoom chicken tikka roll and especially the bottomless chai as they are the hit signature dish of Dishoom. 

Expected Cost

The approx expected cost at Dishoom London for all the amazing food you get is somewhat between 18 to 26 euros

Customer reviews

The customer reviews of the Dishoom Shoreditch restaurant are fairly good. The restaurant’s food is slightly more artsy than hearty; the menu is extensive and there’s something for everyone. Many dishes have experimented with ingredients that don’t always taste best but dishes like bhelpuri, spicy lamb chops, keema, and flavoured black dal are some of the customer’s favourites. Overall the curries are the best, including the vegetarian and vegan ones. Moreover, recently Dishoom has been crowned as the No. 1 restaurant in the UK considering the rating of reviewers.


Image Source: Daily Record

Dishoom restaurant is awarded as the best restaurant in London for its amazing breakfast and brunch serving. Additionally, the restaurant also offers gift cards and hosts events. You can also pack your food (and chai too) in case you don’t feel like dining in. 


Is Dishoom a Michelin star?

Although Dishoom is not a Michelin-star restaurant, it can beat other fancy Michelin-Star restaurants. Currently, it is crowned as the No.1 breakfast and brunch restaurant in the UK.

Why is Dishoom so good?

Dishoom is popularly known for serving delicious, affordable Indian cuisine dishes and its beautifully atmospheric settings are ideal for good brunch events.

Is Dishoom overrated?

Based on some reviews and ratings you can consider that Dishoom is an overrated restaurant and not something that matches Londoner’s expectations.

What type of restaurant is Dishoom?

Dishoom London is an Indian cuisine-based restaurant that serves Bombay-inspired dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also hosts special events and has an extensive menu where you can find something for everyone. It was founded in 2010 by co-founders Shamil Thakrar and Kavi Thakrar, and recently has five restaurants in London.

Are all Dishoom halal?

The all-day menu of Dishoom is Halal so do make sure to check the ingredients and know about the recipes before placing an order.

Does Dishoom allow dogs?

The Dishoom restaurant has a large verandah area that is made comfortable and warm with heaters and plants. It also has a retractable roof and the dogs were most welcome there. However, the Dishoom restaurant is not fully dog-friendly.

Does Dishoom serve pork?

Yes, they do! Pork is served on the breakfast menu but that shouldn’t be something to worry about since they change all the cooking equipment and utensils at noon. However, All meat served in the restaurant is halal.

Is Dishoom Chai unlimited?

Yes, both Porridge and Chai are unlimited in Dishoom. The chai is home-brewed and needless to say, it is pretty much everything that you need at the end of a hectic day.

Is Dishoom walk-in only?

Walk-ins are always welcomed in Dishoom but table reservation is also considered.

What is the average price of a meal in Dishoom?

Dishoom charges a very reasonable price for a meal in London. £4 is the average cost for a small plate, whereas a full-course meal may cost around £12 per person.

Final Thoughts

After Shoreditch’s beloved Brick Lane curry houses that were becoming vintage stores and cocktail dens. Dishoom Shoreditch restaurant became an instant classic when it opened in 2010. The food at this all-day Indian joint is absolutely mind-blowing. In this restaurant, there’s something for everyone. Especially for non-vegetarians, the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes from seafood like shrimp to chicken tandoori. Each dish has serious umami char. The creamy black daals redefine comfort food and pakoras and bhajis are fried to crisp, which is ideal for snacking or satisfying cravings. Besides the food, the décor has magic too that Channels turn-of-the-century Bombay coffee house vibes.

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