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DIY Decluttering Solutions: 7 Crafty Ideas for Storage and Organisation

The idea of a simple life with less stuff sounds very attractive to many individuals. However, they, in most cases, start to feel overwhelmed, defeated and anxious around the idea of having less stuff.

Learning about waste removal and how to declutter your home doesn’t have to be as painful as most individuals make it look like. And the list of benefits to enjoy is huge, from less stress to more energy for your greatest passions.

Infuse creativity with these seven DIY storage and organisation projects into your decluttering efforts. These crafty solutions not only help clear the clutter but also add a personal touch to your space.

From custom shelving to upcycled containers, this detailed guide offers step-by-step instructions to transform everyday items into functional organisational tools. Let’s keep reading to learn more.

Custom Shelving

Practically, there are no boundaries to what custom shelving can do during decluttering. The right shelving solution can transform your living space. It can help create more space effects while, at the same time, providing much-needed organisation to your area.

Custom shelving can revitalise your home décor and create a crafty statement by punctuating a room’s motif. Also, it adds style and elegance to any room while boosting your home’s aesthetic beauty.

Upcycled Containers

Upcycling is a fun and increasingly popular way to manage landfills. No need to throw away those containers that you no longer need. Convert them into new and helpful items that serve a different purpose.

With the right know-how and imagination, you can upcycle those containers. And by doing so, you’ll take your decluttering project to a new level.

Take advantage of Closed Storage

Too much clutter in any room makes it hard to relax, whether it’s your bedroom or living room. During your decluttering project, take advantage of closed storage. If, for example, you have an open bookshelf. Try to mix in shelf inserts and boxes to hide those small, messy things that you require but don’t want to see.

Get Creative with Small Spaces Storage

Shrinking your home with little enthusiastic storage means you must keep adapting your storage solutions. Each nook offers a unique opportunity! A trolley on wheels, different-sized baskets, and wall-mounted shelving utilise any awkward space.

Embrace Open Storage

Most people don’t know they can take advantage of the power of open storage. Those who have already discovered this power benefit from clutter-free spaces. You must not keep everything in a box. With an organised open storage, you can easily find what you love or often use.

Combat Cabinet Clutter

If you want to organise your cleaning cabinet, take advantage of storage boxes with handles. They’ll help you tackle an area with a clutter problem. Also, it will significantly enhance your well-being. The act of tidying and cleaning can help promote a mental presence feeling.

Take Advantage of Unused Space

The space in your home is what you see each day. But sometimes, you don’t realise how much extra space you have that is just going to waste. Ranging from tacked-away closets to unused basement corners and empty walls, plenty of spaces are available in your home. You can use these spaces beautifully and effectively with just a little creativity and planning.

No matter which solution you choose, the goal is to declutter your home, and why wouldn’t you, when there’s a fresh start waiting for you behind all of that clutter? Decluttering can be a tiring and often emotional job, so hiring a professional waste removal and collection services company such as HIPPO can give you the helping hand you need. 

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