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Top Tips To Elevating Your Living Spaces

Your living space is where you relax, recuperate and regenerate. It’s incredibly important for you to have a space that you enjoy and feel proud of. You also share your space with your loved ones, and it makes all the difference to be the home that everyone wants to come to! Everyone has different tastes, but your space should be a representation of you. 

Elevating your living spaces can seem daunting if you don’t know where to start, but if you take it slowly and in small steps, you’ll soon achieve the aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of. We recommend breaking down your rooms into sections. This could be dressing the walls first and using gallery wall art to adorn your rooms, then addressing the furniture. Once these key things have been taken care of, you can begin to tackle the smaller accessories like vases, lamps and soft furnishings. 

You can also take inspiration from other parts of your life. Is there a specific country you love to visit? You can integrate the vibrant colours of their society into one of your rooms. This is a great way to influence your mood via decor and make you feel positive in your living. The most important thing about your living space is that it has a good effect on your well-being. 

Declutter Your Living Space 

The first step to elevating your home is to have a good clear out. This may be something you’ve been avoiding, but it will make you feel better. It may be a cliche, but a clean home really does mean a clean mind. You will also be able to decorate with more intention as you’ll be working towards your end product. This doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing job, and you can take a section at a time and make gentle progress. We recommend researching decluttering techniques, as this will help you form a strategy for your clearout. Once you’ve done this, you can get to the fun part of elevating your space! 

Dress Your Walls

Your walls are the best place to start, some people don’t utilise them enough when trying to improve their homes. Gallery walls are a great way to start, and you can begin by collating art that has the same base colours or pieces that complement each other. This creates a statement gallery wall with a collection of all your favourite pieces. You can also make it more cohesive by using matching frames to keep your artwork safe. Your artwork may vary throughout your home. For example, in your bedroom, you may like to have more relaxing monochromatic art to help you sleep. However, in your living room, you can use more vibrant art as this is where you’ll socialise with friends and undergo creative activities. 

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

When trying to create a relaxing ambience, lighting is your best friend. Using the main light makes it difficult to control the atmosphere of the room; using lamps and fairy lights will make your lighting softer and make you feel relaxed. Lamps can also act as decorations when they’re turned off, so they have multiple uses. Buying a high-quality lamp is a good idea as you can find a versatile one that can stay with you as you change your room over the years. 

Like we said earlier, everyone has different tastes, but the most important thing about your home is that you like it. Elevating your living space is important to ensure you can properly relax. Accessorising your space can be a fun activity, you can ask your friend to go homeware shopping with you and make it a day out. Once you’ve cleared out your space, you can decorate it any way you like. Make sure not to get stuck within a theme, each room can look different. Happy decorating! 

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