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Hidden Gems: The Best Thai Restaurant In London You Haven’t Tried Yet

Looking to tantalize your taste buds with a Thai restaurant in London, but facing too many options? Fret not because we are here with the secret that will make your Thai-food hunt worth the money and time in London.

We present to you the secret to the un-discovered hidden Thai Restaurants in London. These top notches are homely and the very best Thai restaurant in London, they present you with a complete dining experience.

Here you will find spots that people stumbled upon after getting lost and men are glad to discover the best Thai food in London. Let’s dive right into it.

Best Thai Restaurant near London you don’t know about

#1. Thai West Cafe:

  • Menu: Curries, Noodles, Beef, Chicken, Rice, Beverages
  • Address: 87 Brewer St, London W1F 9UX, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7734 6742.

 The Thai-west café is a tangy mix of Thai and American styles, they serve flavors that are fragrant combined with a smoky texture of Thailand right in the style of a classic American Diner.

Chef’s Special: Prawn pad Thai, Chilly Beef

#2. Kiln:

  • Menu: Grill, Seafood, Claypot, Noodles, Wine, Cocktails
  • Address: 58 Brewer St, London W1F 9TL, United Kingdom
  • Contact no:

With poignant flavors and super friendly staff located in the heart of London Street, you will Kiln. It’s not hidden but it’s an absolute gem of London Thai Food.

It’s budget-friendly and has an exclusive elegant simplicity. Each dish at this Thai restaurant in London packs a punch.

Chef’s Special: Pork Jowl, Chak Sohm Curry

#3. The Great Thai Restaurant:

  • Menu: Starters, Soup, sweet chili sauce, seafood, squid, duck, fried noodle, stir-fried, fried rice, E-sarn dishes, noodle soup, Desserts
  • Address:  14 Riding House St, London W1W 7HR, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 7637 8872

The Great Thai Restaurant turns you into a loyal customer and keeps you coming for years.

This cozy venue offers a phenomenal price coupled with exquisite flavors that will turn your whole London Thai Food experience a lot worth it.

Chef’s Special: Garlic Fish, Grilled King Prawn, Som-tam

#4. Champor–Champor:

  • Menu: gluten-free, vegan, Thai, Malaysian, special diets, Prawns, Squids, Crab, raviolini, curry, Beef, Rice
  • Address: 62-64 Weston St, London SE1 3QJ, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7403 4600

Champor-Champor along with its funny and homey name offers fantastic meals, excellent service, stunning food, and a good selection of vegetarian dishes.

Throw some lovely ambiance in as well and Viola! Recipe a perfect Thai Restaurant for a perfect evening.

Chef’s Special: Roasted Monkfish, Grilled Prawns

#5. Cher Thai Eatery:

  • Menu: Small Plates, Prawns, Chicken, Spring rolls, Tofu, Thai Salad, Soup, Stir-Fry curry,
  • Address: 22 North St, London SW4 0HB, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 3583 3702

Cher Thai Eatery is a family-run business serving classical Thai curry – the very best in London. Not only is the place super comfy but also serves sublime food with good portions, fresh ingredients, and WoW- herbs, and spices.

This place is affordable as well as quick in its service delivery. Don’t forget to get your tom yam soup from here.

Chef’s Special: Crab Meat Fried, Prawn Glass Noodles, Fried Rice

#6. Chet’s:

  • Menu: Breakfast plates, Snacks, Chicken noodles, cocktails, wine, Beers, Salads & sandwiches.
  • Address: 65 Shepherd’s Bush Grn, London W12 8QE, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 3540 3150

Chet’s is every Thai lover’s literal dream come true. It’s known for its Signature Thai spicy sour taste and red curry. The food is especially fragrant and teases your palette.

Their authentic food is a perfect fit to satisfy cravings and gives the perfect go-grab your Thai feel don’t forget the deliciousness wrapped with polite service.

Chef’s Special: Crab Meat Fried, Prawn Glass Noodles, Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken Thai

#7. Rosa’s Thai Spitalfields:

  • Menu: Street Snacks, Salads, Soups, Noodles, Curries, Express Lunch, Drinks, Desserts
  • Address: 12 Hanbury St, London E1 6QS, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7247 1093

This gorgeous Street Thai hidden gem has simply the most delicious food. small family restaurant, good portion, the right level of spice, Great flavors, pleasing, cozy, friends, alone, dates, Sam and the team is amazing.

Their staff is friendly, and well the food is savory! Rosa’s Thai Spitalfields gives you the right level of spices as well as good portions. Since it’s also a family-run business, Sam and they are simply incredible.

Chef’s Special: Honey BBQ Skewers, Tom ka Noodles.

#8. The Great Thai Grab & Go:

  • Menu: Salads Chili & lime dressing, Soup, Noodle Soup, Rice Dish, Curry
  • Address: 53 Great Portland St, London W1W 7LG, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7580 6777

The sweetest place to get Thai food, well of course not literally but you got my point. The Great Thai Grab & Go is a small corner at the end of the street. But do not mistake their space for their serving because they serve big taste with an even bigger heart.

It’s simply the best Thai restaurant in London with great service, friendly staff, and affordable food that is easy on the pockets. Check out their Green Thai chicken curry it is bloody delicious.

Chef’s Special: Roasted Duck, Pork Belly, Chu-Chui Fish, Chicken Pad Thai

# 9. Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Soho:

  • Menu: Homemade desserts, Vegetable, Spring Rolls, Prawn rolls, Som Tum, Beef Salad, Crab, lamb, Rice, Curry, Beef, Duck
  • Address: 15 Greek St, London W1D 4DP, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7437 1071

On the list, Patara is a High-end modern Thai Restaurant in London. If you are thinking of taking your loved one on a modern minimalist and fancy date with the most authentic Thai cuisine in London. That’s your place.

Their food is premium, the taste is exquisite, and the service is delightful. A wholesome experience is absolutely worth it.

Chef’s Special: Lobster tall noodles

# 10. Kin + Deum

  •  Menu: Skewers, Chicken, Rolls, Squid, Soup, Salad, Seafood, Curry, Noodles
  • Address: 2 Crucifix Ln, London SE1 3JW, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7357 7995

Kin + Deum is creative and boasts of the authentic contemporary cuisine of Thailand. Not only are they super stylish but also Dog-friendly which makes them a super special one.

You will find a cozy place, with natural energy and awesome food. There is no compromise with consistent quality over time. You will never be disappointed and that is a high promise we are making.

Chef’s Special: Rice chips ‘Sriracha or coconut’


We love Thai food, and we love street Thai Restaurants in London even more. Especially when those are the sweet little hidden spots on London Street. There is no comparison to anything else. From creative cutlery to stylish décor to pocket-friendly options on London Streets.

Last thoughts?

If you liked our curated list or visited any of these hidden gems of Thai Restaurants near London, do not be shy to share your thoughts and help others in the comments. What’s more post pictures of what you are eating and tag us.

If you are a foodie, then there is no you will forget to bookmark us. We make hand-curated lists like these to help other foodies around the world.

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