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Practical and Stylish Chest of Drawers – a Multifunctional Furniture

Commodes are extremely versatile and practical furniture.

They can be used for many purposes and in many rooms – living room, bedroom, baby’s room, office or hallway. Such a functional chest of drawers will fulfil its role everywhere. It can also fulfil all of your expectations.

If you are planning to purchase a new chest of drawers, here we will show you how you can use it. Some of the ideas can be very surprising for some people!

Chest of drawers as a place to work

When you live in an apartment that is not too big, every inch of it is important. If you need to keep somewhere your important documents, notebooks and many more, drawers inside your new dresser will be perfect for that.

Also, if you need a place to work, you can just add a chair or an armchair and make yourself your own, private office. It will definitely work out – just remember to choose a chest of drawers with a flat top.

Practical gadgets

To make your place work even better and more comfortable, you can find yourself some practical and useful gadgets, for example:

  • A desk pad, that will prevent your commode from damage
  • A document organizer where you can keep your most important documents in
  • An organizer for your pens, pencils, scissors, glue and other important office accessories
  • A desk lamp, that will make your work during the night healthier and easier

Chest of drawers as a TV table

If you do not have enough space for a chest of drawers and a TV table, you can always transform your chest of drawers into a simple and practical TV cabinet.

You can just put your TV on top of the commode and keep all of the wires, a TV decoder, a Wi-Fi router, a game console and all of your other stuff inside the drawers, or on the shelves.

Not to mention, that your living room will be much more in order than before, because there will be no wires all over it.

Chest of drawers as a bar

This one is probably one of the best ideas here. A simple dresser can be used as a bar. You should just go for the one with lots of shelves or drawers to keep all of your collections of alcohol, wine glasses, shot glasses or champagne glasses in.

Also, you can choose a chest of drawers with glass shelves and put your favourite, or the most luxurious, alcohol on them. Such a solution will be perfect for your living room or dining room.

Chest of drawers as a bench with a seat

If you have a piece of old furniture that you do not use anymore and you are thinking of throwing it away or selling it – do not do it! There are many possibilities with such a chest of drawers and one of them is transforming it into a bench with a seat.

What do you have to do to have a bench like this? You just have to remove the top of the dresser and put a soft and comfortable seat in that place. Drawers and shelves can be used as storage.

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Chest of drawers as a coffee table

If you need a coffee table for your living room, it is certainly not a problem – you can transform your simple and versatile dresser into one of them. You can remove the furniture’s legs and reduce the height of it. And, this is how you got yourself a practical coffee table.

Practical gadgets

  • Candles or candlesticks to make the interior feel cosier and warmer
  • Cup coasters to keep the coffee table clean and neat
  • Decorative bowls or trays for snacks and sweets
  • Flowers in a vase or little pots

Chest of drawers as a dressing table

A modern and practical chest of drawers can also be used as a dressing table. You can add a chair or an armchair, put the mirror on it, some little baskets or containers and you have a perfect place to do your make-up or a daily routine like brushing your hair.

You can also keep your perfume on shelves or inside the drawers. This is a good place for your casket with your jewellery as well.

A piece of furniture with a big potential

Those ideas are not the only ones that you can use. A dresser is a perfect, multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used in many ways. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to transforming this cabinet into many other pieces of furniture. It has a big potential and it cannot be wasted.

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