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Top 10 Best Korean Restaurants in London for Authentic Cuisine

Are you a fan of Korean food? But you do not know where to look for the best Korean Restaurants in London? Fret not because we have collected the list of the very best Korean restaurants in London. 

We have shredded and added a plethora of restaurants and curated a list of the best places to get the most authentic Korean food in London so that you do not end up in some copycat, a second-rate place that sucks in your wallet.

From spicy noodles specialties to rich meaty delicacies, we left no stone unturned to add variety and aroma to your plate. Let’s head right in.

10 Best Korean Restaurants in London

#1. Olle Korean Barbecue:

 Olle Korean Barbecue
Image by Olle Korean Barbecue
  • Menu: Rice & Noodles, Hot Pot, Stews, Seafood, BBQ sides, Salad, Beef
  • Address: 88 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6NH, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7287 1979

This is a hidden gem. If you like cozy places to eat which allow you to feel warm and fuzzy in classic Korean settings, then this place is for you. You will find the grill built right into your dining table, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the meal.

Cooked to perfection is the absolute right word for Olle. The highlight of this small and cute restaurant is its bulgogi. Do you know what it translates into? “Fire meat”. I know right, absolutely insane. You will love it.

Enjoy your meal with chopsticks and close your eyes just before you take a bite. See? Yes, you are in Korea. Welcome my friend!

Chef’s Special: Gal Bi JJIM, Korean Fried Chicken, Kang pung prawn, tofu kimchi, Sa, gye tang

#2. Koba:

Image by Sam Abeman
  • Menu: Appetizers, Table BBQ, Rice & Noodles, Casserole, Sides
  • Address: 11 Rathbone St, London W1T 1NA, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7580 8825

Koba is my personal favorite, I have been eating here ever since it opened in 2005, and it has yet to disappoint me. One of the best Korean restaurants in London with its evergreen flavors and lush spices. You will be asking for more.  

They serve the most tantalizing beef kalbi, their specialty is marinated meat barbecue. You must try the barbequed squid with superb sauce and rich aromatic rice with stews. Koba is the main attraction of Fitzrovia, they offer efficient service and a fine dining experience.

Chef’s Special: Spicy chicken, beef spare rib, baby octopus, pork

#3. Bibimbap:

  • Menu: bibimbap, noodles on rice, traditional soup, side dishes, drinks
  • Address: 11 Greek St, London W1D 4DJ, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7287 3434

Bibimbap is a dish that is made of steamed rice that is seasoned with vegetables and served in a very hot bowl made of stone. It is served with gochujang coupled with miso soup. They named their restaurant on that. Yep.

That means they give the best bibimbap out there. You have the leisure to add your choice of doenjang sauce and koch’ujang and oh!!! The crisp rice bottom. The best bottom you will ever have.

Chef’s Special: beef, stew, pork

#4. Kangnam Pocha:

Kangnam Pocha
image by Kangnam Pocha
  • Menu: Panda Specialties, Appetizers, Soup & Rice, Beef, Pork, Chicken, seafood, rice, noodles, gyoza & pancakes, fried dishes, drinks.
  • Address: 176 Drury Ln, London WC2B 5QF, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7242 9444

If you are looking for a minimalist style best Korean restaurant in London, then Kangnam Pocha is the perfect choice for you with classic Korean cuisine.

One of the gems in Covent Garden, Kangnam grabs you with their perfect couple of soujo and grilled meat. If you happen to enter the doors of this sleek place, make sure to try their beef ribs and pork belly.

The staff is kind and patient and over all you will get to have a warm and fuzzy dining experience.

Chef’s Special: Samgyeopsal and la galbi

#5. Jin’s Kitchen:

 Jin’s Kitchen
Image by Sam Aberman
  • Menu: Korean, Japanese, Asian fusion, Seafood, Kimchi, fried vegetables, rice, beef, chicken, squid
  • Address:  232 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EG, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7240 6205.

Jin’s Kitchen serves the very best Korean food on London streets. It is a popular place for hungry millennial workers. With an aromatic flavor and authentic Korean cuisine, located at a sweet spot on the street corner, Jin’s kitchen is the go-to place for many people for first dates and grabbing quick bites.

It’s a classic taste that serves people and students working on a budget. It’s not only fulfilling but also a breath of freshness for anyone’s stressed-out wallet.

Chef’s Special: Korean Fried Chicken

#6. Korean Dinner Party:

Korean Dinner Party
Image by Korean Dinner Party
  • Menu: Small eats, street food, fried chicken, tacos, Kimchi, and sides
  • Address: Top Floor, Kingly Ct, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 4580 1197

With neon ceiling and culture of Korean pop, the owner has created a haven for Korean enthusiasts, making it one of the best places Korean food places in London.

You will always find that one creative restaurant in their niche that is doing everything right and no one can beat them at their game. Well, that’s Korean Dinner Party for you.

Tacos! Do not forget to get their tacos. Affordable, delectable, and a must-try. If you are anywhere near this amazing restaurant, I suggest you go get your taco because you will get to make your own.

Chef’s Special: Tacos, pork neck, Korean fried cauliflower

#7. Daebak:

Image by Thomas butler
  • Menu: Rice, noodles, Korean Fried chicken, seafood pancake, dumplings, stir fry BBQ, Soup & stew, beer, oriental, wine, desserts
  • Address: 316-318 Kennington Ln, London SE11 5HY, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7642 1522

Get the best Korean food in London with a cozy atmosphere. Daebak provides a generous serving of meals at affordable prices, with a service that is both fast and great, it comes highly recommended.

You can enjoy your delicious fried chicken with some nice karaoke. You will find the place jam-packed and a classic side street restaurant vibe.

You can’t go wrong with this place as it is a local hit and keeps captivating the heart of people.  Do you know “daebak” means “Awesome” in Korea? Got another reason to visit.

Chef’s special: Korean fried chicken

#8. Jihwaja:

Image by Jihwaja
  • Menu: Soft drinks, tea, spirits, beer, cider, wine, Anju, Korean fried chicken, soup, ramyun, noodles, rice dishes, BBQ,
  • Address: 353 Kennington Ln, London SE11 5QY, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7582 4680

It is a bar cum Korean restaurant that serves small plate joints located at the Vauxhall station.

Oh, it’s a total local hideout for Asian kids where you cannot distinguish a bar from a karaoke restaurant. However, the delicacies of this Korean hideout cum restaurant serve one of the most authentic Korean foods in London.

The texture of the dishes is a genuine treat to the palette with a side interest easing tensions on your wallet. Both cheap and delicious is how everyone loves their fast food.

Chef’s Special: Tteokbokki

# 9. Assa:

Image by Jax Wx
  • Menu: Kimchi, seafood, fried chicken, rice,
  • Address: 23 Romilly St, London W1D 5AQ, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +44 20 7734 9050

Assa is one of the many Korean street food restaurants offering rock-bottom prices in Soho, but it is also one of the best places to have authentic Korean food in London.

People look for three things when considering eating out – great food (a must), Great prices (and why not?), as well as great service (because whom are we kidding?), and Assa is one of the few places on the street that offers all three.

Chef’s Special: Raw beef bibimbap

# 10. On the Bab:

On the Bab
Image by Samphire and Salsify
  • Menu: Rice, bibimbap, beef, pork, spicy chicken, noodles, seafood.
  • Address: 305 Old St, London EC1V 9LA, United Kingdom
  • Contact no: +41 44 260 32 22.

Street king of London Korean restaurants, On the Bab serves one of the best Korean foods in London with small plates. Everyone loves fast delivery, pocket friendly, and a place run by kind people serving fantastic food.

The good vibe at this place is a real deal. The Korean dinner party serves you food and a complete experience. The faces behind this place are eccentric geniuses.

Chef’s Special: Pork ribs.


We hope by the end of this list – you will know all the popular authentic Korean Restaurants in London and make a couple of them your regular go-to hub and stuff your face with Kimchi & Bibimbap ASAP! Chiao.

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