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10 Best Places To Get Halal Food In Liverpool

Halal Food is very important for Muslims and holds the utmost significance in adhering to Islamic dietary laws. Halal Dietary preference represents righteousness, purity of mind, and strict inclination to religious guidelines. 

By sticking to Halal Food, they show utmost commitment to faith and seek fulfillment of spirit. 

Liverpool is an excellent city for Halal food lovers. In this guide, we will discuss the best Halal food in Liverpool and the Halal Restaurants in Liverpool, where you can find the cuisine of your dreams. 

There are many great Restaurants for Halal Breakfast in Liverpool, because of its vibrant and diverse culinary scene as well as some of the superb Halal takeaways in Liverpool.

 Liverpool Halal Restaurants offers a wide range of Pakistani, Indian, Middle Eastern, Turkish, and African dishes. You will never run out of options for the Best Halal Food in Liverpool. 

Our Criteria for Selection 

Yes, we curated this list based on some of the very basic green flags that every Halal restaurant in Liverpool should check. Some of these we have mentioned. 

Quality of food 

Of course, the finest quality of the food is our most basic criterion you will not find anything that does not serve only the most exquisite type of Halal food in Liverpool.  Quality plays a big part in choosing a Restaurant otherwise no matter the other things, it will always be a waste. 

Halal Certification

To have the Halal certification in their restaurant is another must to conserve the authenticity and trust of the customers. A Halal certification provides authority to the restaurant and helps the feeling of trust among its customers. Every Halal Restaurant in Liverpool must have a Halal certification. 

Value for money

We get above two are necessary but it is the pocket-friendly option that pleases the masses. Not everyone can afford the rich and fancy which have all these features but it is also important to choose the best options among the wallet-friendly places that serve the best quality food among other things. 

Variety of the Menu

Other than the quality, pocket-friendly, and authenticity – what’s left is the variety and range in the menu. Variety provides options, and who doesn’t love having many options? It bolsters convenience and you will have something to look forward to the next time you visit a place. 

Customer service

Nobody likes rude service, but people will always go back to people who have treated them well, That is what keeps a customer coming back and again. This is why so many Halal Restaurants in Liverpool offer exceptional customer service. 

Top 10 Places to Get Halal Food in Liverpool 

#1 Shiraz BBQ

Shiraz BBQ
Image by Shuraz BBQ House

Shiraz BBQ is a Turkish venue that serves an open grill with ten-like drape lines for a roof and an exotic feel right in Liverpool, the food is a prayer to your palette and unforgettable, making Shiraz one of the best Halal Restaurants in Liverpool. 

This superb BBQ place also offers impressive halal takeaway in Liverpool.  With Spine chilling flavors and a nice portion size. With excellent quality, awesome atmosphere, and great service, Shiraz is worth the first mention in our list. 

  • Rating: 4.6/5 
  • Location: 19 N John St, Liverpool L2 5QU, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: All days from 12 pm to10 pm 
  • Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Popular Dishes: Mezze, Adana Kebab, Halloumi, Iskender
  • Price Range: £
  • Phone Number: +44 151 236 8325

#2 Nando’s Liverpool ONE

Nando's Liverpool ONE
Image by Faran Khan

Nando’s Place is an Afro – Portuguese fusion restaurant that features their signature fame grilled chicken. The exquisite texture of the dishes at Nando’s is worth the fuss, it gets your mouth wet just watching food. 

If you are someone who craves spicy grilled chicken, you cannot miss Nando’s as a proud foodie. It gets super busy but they keep themselves on their toes to serve you quickly and give attention to each dish going out of their kitchen. 

  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Location: Liverpool One, Unit P1r, 14 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 8JF, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: Everyday 12:30 – 10 pm 
  • Types Of Cuisine: Afro-Portuguese 
  • Popular dishes: Flamegrilled peri-peri
  • Price Range: ££
  • Phone Number: +44 1517097780 

#3 Toro’s Steakhouse Liverpool

Toro's Steakhouse Liverpool
Image by Pedro Benitez

The meat cooked at the Taro’s place is made for the palette like a glove meant to fit your hands, making them one of the best halal restaurants in Liverpool, You would feel the pepper, and quality slipping through your tongue. 

Each bite is worth the praises their customers sing. Their variety in the menu makes them stand out and the cozy atmosphere could with an amazing dining experience makes this an unbeatable place to have food. 

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Location: 49 Bold St, Liverpool, L1 4EU, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hour: All days 12 to 10 pm 
  • Types of Cuisines: Halal 
  • Popular Dishes: Sizzler, T-bone Steak, Rump Steak, Fillet Mignon
  • Price Range: ££
  • Phone number: +44 151 345 1079

#4 Backchich Lebanese Restaurant 

Backchich Lebanese Restaurant 
Image by William Matthews

Backchich specializes in street food, so if you are looking for street food halal takeaway in Liverpool then this is just the right place for you to be in. 

it is a cozy lovely restaurant on Bold Street serving quality and tasty street food which also happens to be pocket friendly. their food is also on the healthier side which makes it for customers. 

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Location: 54 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EA, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 9 am – 10 pm workdays
  • Types of Cuisines: Lebanese Restaurant
  • Popular Dishes: Shwarma Platter, Couscous, Lamb tagine, Vegan Burger
  • Price Range: £
  • Phone Number: +44 151 707 1255

#5 Damas Mediterranean Kitchen 

Damas Mediterranean Kitchen
Image by Ahmed Boughardain

Damas Kitchen is a family-run restaurant in the heart of Liverpool, They have a big collection and varied options including vegetarian, main-course, vegan, and homemade traditional cuisines. 

Damas’ kitchen provides you with an exceptional dining experience that ill your taste panting with delightful flavors, and dishes cooked to perfection because it is served on their plates. 

  • Rating: 4.5/5 
  • Location: 79 Renshaw St, Liverpool l1 2SJ, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 3-11 pm Fri-sat, Monday-closed, Tue-Wed 5-11 pm 
  • Types of Cuisine: Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern 
  • Popular Dishes: 
  • Price Range: £
  • Phone number: +44 151 345 3240

#6 Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant 

Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant 
Image by Shaun The Driver

Elif is a sweetly warm, brick-clad Turkish eatery that offers open-fire grills as some of the best BBQ Halal Food in Liverpool. Take our word!

Their staff is exceptionally friendly, and the food bursting with flavors with unmatched freshness and quality. The whole experience is of positive ambiance that will leave you refreshed. 

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Location: 33 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DN, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 11 am – 11 pm 
  • Types of Cuisine: Turkish
  • Popular Dishes: Queque, Chicken wings, Meatballs
  • Price Range: ££
  • Phone Number: +44 151 709 1561

#7 Fattoush Restaurant 

Fattoush Restaurant
Image by Rich Deerdog

 Fattoush is a laid-back establish meant nestled in a hatten garden and decorated with Meditterean artwork serving Syrian and Lebanese dishes. 

They make their visitors feel welcomed and valued, You will the authentic Arabic flavors and savor their hot and fresh serves.

Their service is super quick and a gem find that will satisfy your food cravings at well-placed price points. You will find their experience most exquisite and delightful. 

  • Rating: 4.5/5 
  • Location: 23 Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2FE, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 11 am – 11 pm
  • Types of Cuisine: Lebanese 
  • Popular Dishes: Grilled chicken, Humus, Falafel, Mezze
  • Price Range: £
  • Phone number: +44 151 538 0931

#8 Al Roomis 

Al Roomis 
Image by Delta Charlie

  AL Romis is the definition of a perfect halal restaurant in Liverpool. The ideal all should look up to. With their great service, generous portion, and superb prices, they make Al-Room our top choice. 

Their Paneer Makhani is devilishly delicious, and they water and date for Ramadan. 

  • Rating: 4.9/5 
  • Location: 4S Hunter St, Liverpool L19JG, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 3 – 11 pm 
  • Types of Cuisines: Indian 
  • Popular Dishes: Lamb, Paneer Makhani, CHiken Tikka Roll
  • Price Range: £
  • Phone Number: +44 151 538 0729

#9 Toro’s Steakhouse Liverpool

Toro's Steakhouse Liverpool
Image by Pedro Benitez

Toro’s Steakhouse is another gem serving amazing halal food in Liverpool, with succulent, tender, and flavourful steaks. Toro will sweep you off your feet. 

With generous portions and quick customer service, Toro continues to keep a winning hearts streak. The environment is superb and the experience is out of this earth-bound world. 

  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Location: 49 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EU, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 12 – 10 pm 
  • Types of Cuisine: Halal
  • popular Dishes: T-bone steak, rump steak, Ribeye
  • Price range: ££
  • Phone Number: +44 151 345 1079

#10 KO Grill

KO Grill
Image by Luke C

  Ko Grill is an Indian restaurant serving exotic cuisine on a fine dining platter with wallet-loving prices offering authentic Halal dietary preference.  

Ko’s food is finger-licking delicious, and their drinks are simply heavenly. With spicey and flavorful dishes, you will enjoy this one!

  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Location: 23 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DN, United Kingdom 
  • Opening Hours: 11 am – 10 pm 
  • Types of Cuisine: Indian 
  • Popular Dishes: Shwarma, karahi, Butter Chicken 
  • Price Range: £
  • Phone Number: +44 151 708 8822


Our team hopes that you liked this special hand-curated guide which stands as a testament to Liverpool’s diverse culinary landscape. It applauds the surreal quality, superb variety, and exquisite accessibility of the Halal food in Liverpool. 

We would further like to mention some honorary halal restaurants in Liverpool which could not make the list but deserves a chance to flourish, Fora restaurant on Houndsditch serves tender and lush meat, and so does Comptoir Libanais on Broadgate as well as Truffle Burger on Bishopgate. 

In conclusion, we believe Liverpool offers a vibrant mix of culture and cuisine on the Halal scene just waiting to be discovered by adventurous foodies. What are you waiting for? 

Bon Appetite!!! 

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