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The Best DIY Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

DIY home improvement projects are fun, lend a new house look, and help you learn a new skill while saving a lot of money. According to the American Housing Survey, the total cost of hiring an expert to do repairs and renovations is double, and at times triple or quadruple, the DIY cost.

But how and where can you start if you’re a beginner when it comes to DIY projects?

The key is for you to start small and build confidence gradually. Some of the DIY home improvements you can start with as a beginner are:

1.     Replace Old Fixtures

Replacing those old or outdated features with something new may refresh the interiors. However, this doesn’t need to be costly. Second-hand may still be new. Search social media and local classified adverts for a suitable swap. You can be surprised how much they are available at a good cost, and at times even free.

You can also make money. You can sell some fittings if they have a vintage appeal, whereas others may have a scrap value. Some of the low-cost fittings and fixtures, which you may want to replace are:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Tile backsplash
  • Soft furnishings
  • Light fittings
  • Kitchen cabinets

2.     Freshen up Grout and Tile

It isn’t easy to avoid staining grout and tile in a bathroom, but it is simple to remedy. Brands, such as UniBond offers a range of trusted products and refinishing kit you can use and follow instructions closely to get grout and tile to look as great as they used to since day one. Plus, your bathroom can have a new look without spending a lot on the project.

3.     Caulk and Touch-Up Trim

Trim is usually overlooked. It brings different rooms together, but with time, it endures tear and wear, especially baseboards that attract dust and dirt.

If you have a worn-out trim, you may brighten it up easily by cleaning it using a Magic Eraser or an all-purpose cleaner. Applying a fresh coat of paint will work wonders for extremely scuffed trims.

Afterward, check around your home for areas where caulk can use a touch-up. Caulking is a simple DIY project for beginners, but experts suggest that you avoid mistakes.

4.     Replace Torn Window Screens or Restore Sash Windows

Whether from simple wear and tear, over-eager paws, or fallen branches, window screens will need repair. You can patch small tears, but you will as well need to replace the whole screen. This is an excellent DIY home improvement suitable for beginners looking to keep insects out of their homes and make screen doors or windows more attractive.

Sash windows, regardless of their timeless appeal and enduring charm, can be costly to replace. But with proper maintenance and periodic repairs, you may restore your sash windows to last for years.

5.     Make the Entrance Inviting

A touch of landscaping, as well as a cherry front-door color, may do great wonders for the curb appeal of your home while making a very lasting impression on your guests.

Dress the front door with potted plants and new hardware. Consider also installing outdoor lights to illuminate your walkway and improve the architecture of your home.

6.     Fresh up the Garden Deck

The truth is that the American or British weather may give your beloved deck a little bit of drubbing. If your deck looks bad, don’t worry since there are simple things you may do so you can revamp it and even make it feel fresh again. Some of the best ways to freshen up a garden are:

  • Adding a splash of color
  • Pressure washing
  • Using plants
  • Dazzling deck décor
  • Lighting
  • Adding a shade sail or pergola

7.     Change Curtains

If you have not replaced your bedroom and living room curtains with new ones, it would be best if you do that now. Opt for an attractive and cool curtain fabric you think may match your room’s current theme.

You may watch video tutorials on YouTube to learn how you can switch and sew curtains. The right choice of curtain patterns and colors will make your home look livelier and more welcoming.

The Takeaway

DIY home renovations or improvements for every beginner are fun ways of updating a home. Work on your confidence and improve your skills by starting small. Afterward, work on your way up with more intricate instructions. You will be proud of yourself when your own home looks good.

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