Top 10 Summer Camps in London (2023): Find the Perfect Fit for Your Child

The UK schools are just about to close for the long summer days. So, you will have some more time to spend with your little one. It sounds exciting. But the kids get bored because of enough free time so they need some other activities during the summer holidays
that will keep them occupied.

So, it will be good if you enroll your kid in one of the best summer camps in London that enables them to learn new skills, have a lot of fun, and stay active in a fun and nurturing environment. There are a lot of summer camps dedicated to nurturing your kid’s fundamental skills.

Depending on your child’s passion, you can choose one of the best summer camps in London. Here, in this article, we are going to provide you with all the details of the top 10 summer camps in London in 2023.

Here is the list of the best summer camps in London

#1. Summer camp: The Strings Club (July18-August 22)

There can be nothing as better as a holiday camp with The Strings camp. This summer camp is rated 5* on Feefo by parents, each day at the multi-award-winning, Ofsted registered holiday camp for kids 4-11 is amazingly different.

They start each morning with their “Learn together, Play together” instrumental session. Free hire of a musical instrument including Guitar, Violin, and Ukulele.

They spend the afternoon by keeping activate your kids through creative and interactive workshops. These workshops are designed to inspire your kid in more ways than one. These activities include art, craft, dance, sport, and music.

Each summer camp session ends with a grand Concert-here your child can proudly show the achievement that they acquire during the holiday camp.

Location: Venues across the Midlands and London

Contact number: you can visit the Strings Club or call 0121 296 9204

#2. Zebra Skate London camp (July 8- September 4)

Zebra Skate London camp is one of the skate camps in London. It offers skating classes for your kids during the summer holidays. They train at Royal Oak Skate Park and The Albert Memorial. This holiday is Ofsted registered and has DBS background checks, so you can be relaxed that your child will be in safe hands.

Location: The Albert Memorial, Royal Oak State Park

Contact number: +447888044544

#3. Sharky & George:

When it comes to one of the top-class summer camps for your kids, Sharky & George comes with a variety of amazing options that will go a long way to entertaining your kid in the best possible way.

The fantastic team of this holiday camp will train your kid in chocolate making, nature trails, spy mysteries, graffiti workshops, fashion shows, and much more. This camp operates from 9 am to 4 pm each day and the children must be 5-11 years old.

Sharky & George also offers Private Adventurous Clubs at a venue of your choice.

Location: The Parsons Green Club 31 Broomhouse Ln, London SW6 3DP

Contact number: 020 7924 4381

#4. TARKA London:

 A TARKA holiday class is a very popular option to get have more fun and entertainment for your kid in the school holidays. TARKA is a developmental exercise company that specializes in training your children in getting practice exercise from a very early age.

Instead off to run around your children, they applied new techniques where your kids can use their brains. Your child will do all the activities in a team, so he can understand what teamwork is from the early stage of his life.

The TARKA classes start from 18 years old all way up to 8 years old. They offer some hours of their session focusing on getting your kid moving and being activated.

Location: St Francis of Assisi church, pottery Lane W11 4NQ

                  St Columba’s Church, Point Street SW1X 0BD

                  Fulham Boys School, 532 Fulham Road, SW6 5BD

Contact number: 020 7164 6281

#5.   Camp Horizons: (July 22-August 9)

Camp Horizon offers exciting indoor and outdoor activities for kids aged 6-14 years, in a pleasant environment. This holiday camp in London offers weekly themed programs that enable your kid in getting involved in a variety of activities that boost their imagination.

The cam offers inter-camp games, so the campers challenge each other while learning. They conduct mainly two programs an activity program and a rain-or-shine program.

This summer camp offers activities such as football. Drama, basketball, badminton, and art and craft. These activities will keep your little one engaged and they become more exciting as they have more fun and make new friends.

Location: Mossbourne Riverside Academy, Mossbourne Community Academy

Contact number: +447468538428

#6. Super camps, Wimbledon School, London  (July 7-August 24)

Super camps offer fun and exciting activities for your kids, if you are looking for one of the best summer camps in London then it will be the perfect one. This camp is perfect for kids aged 4 to 14 years. It is a great place to introduce your kids the physical activities.

 Here, your child can get his/her favorite hobby and get good at it in the future. The super camp offers various activities such as Lego play, Football clubs, cookery, and bushcraft. It is energizing for your kids, and it will occupy more space for your child. So you can manage your office work very easily in the summer holidays.

Location: Unit 15, Eyston Way, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1TR

Contact number: 01235 467300

#7. Barracudas Activity camps, London (July 26-August 16)

When it comes to the best holiday camps for kids, Barracuda activity camp brings a variety of amazing options that will keep your children a long way in fun over the holidays. This is an excellent summer camp for children aged 4-14 years old.

Some of the unique activities that keep your child entertained are water polo, swimming, badminton, puppetry, and fencing.

They focus on developing your child’s fundamental skills that are bound to help them in life.

Location: Airfield Industrial Estate, Unit 9 Warboys, Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE28 2SH

Contact number: +441480467567

#8. Mother Nature Science Camp,London (July 8- August 30)

Mother Nature science camp is a special holiday camp for kids aged 5-12 years. It offers various science programs to your kids. Since its inception, this camp has influenced over 250,000 kids into science by involving them in various science fun activities.

This camp is a great place for getting your child hooked on a STEM subject. Mother Nature Science Camp offers various activities such as crazy chemistry, rocket-making, and sport science, and your kids will also learn about the Universe’s physics.

Location: South Hampstead Junior School, 12 Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5RN, UK.

Contact number: +442088638832

#9. Alpadia Language School (July1-August 11)

This is a great summer camp that teaches English to kids aged 13 to 17 years. It is situated well at the heart of London in Hoxton. This camp offers an ideal environment for studying, learning, and adopt new skills, and appreciating the Londoner culture.

The Alpandia campus offers a great sports facility to the learners that is also used as the training ground for the Olympics. This holiday camp focuses on various outdoor activities that include excursions within London.

Location: Hackney Community College Shoreditch Campus Falkirk St, Hackney N1 6HQ London

Contact number: +41216218888

#10. Imperial College London, London (July1- August 30)

Imperial College arranges for summer camp activities for kids aged 7-17 years. This camp has been running for over twenty years, and if you consider experience is anything to go by then you will not go wrong choosing this camp.

This camp offers a science and technology curriculum to empower the future of engineers and innovators. Some of the activities that this holiday camp offers include AI, machine learning, game designing, coding, robotics, and so on.

Location: South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ, UK

Contact number: +44 (0) 007589 5111


What is the best age to join summer camp?

Ans: According to the summer camp experts, your kid should be at least 7 years old before taking participation in the holiday camps. However, the number is no fixed rule, as there are various variations in maturity and preference among children.

Are summer camps good for kids?

Ans: A summer camp program provides a pleasant environment to develop their inner skills, social skills, and decision-making skills. They can have a lot of fun activities and also can experience the outdoors. However, socialization is very much more important to develop and grow than reading books.

Is summer camps popular in London?

Ans: Summer camps have been around for more than centuries in Britain. But, their popularity has started rising in the UK over the last four decades. Moreover, the love for the summer is as popular among the kids in London as it is anywhere.

Q. What is the suitable time to attend the Summer Camps in London?

Ans. Mid-May to mid-June is the ideal time to go for Summer Camps in London.


A summer camp helps to grow and develop various interpersonal and intrapersonal skills among children. These include self-esteem, self-worth, leadership, teamwork, communication skills, self-respect, and building personal competencies.

Here, we have mentioned the top 10 holiday camps in London, you can find the best-fitted one for your child from the list. Hope, this article will help you out in choosing the best one for your loved one!

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