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Types of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a really broad topic. Such lights have many advantages and can be used in many applications. What are the types of LED strip lights? Which LED strip lights should you choose? Read our article and find out!

What are LED strip lights?

LED strip lights, also called LED tape lights, are lights that use energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED technology. It usually consists of a flexible printed circuit board and surface-mounted LED chips. Circuit boards are populated with LEDs.

LED strip Lights

You can use LED strip lights to add powerful lighting (in any room) in many colours. They provide many brightness options (cool white, neutral white, warm white). One of the biggest advantages of LED strip lighting is its great flexibility – LED strips can be bent vertically, even to ninety degrees. Such LED lights operate on low-voltage DC power. They come in different sizes. Not only that, you can cut LED strip lights down exactly to the size that you need. LED strip lights can be run in long lengths, and they will experience no loss in light output.

Why is it worth using LED strip lights?

This is definitely worth using LED strip lights for several reasons. The first reason is that LED strips can really make a difference. A form of lighting that they add to a room is unique and visually attractive. LED strips emit a lot of bright light. At the same time, they are small and compact, which in practice means that you can easily hide them where you want and need to.

The next advantage of LED strips is that they are easy to install. Most LED strips are available with an adhesive backing. Installing is a matter of sticking them on in the chosen place. It is worth investing in LED strips because they can be dimmed. Thanks to that, you can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in places such as bedroom or bathroom.

You should also consider that LED strip lights are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They can save your money. Although they are a bit more expensive than traditional lights, they are an investment that pays off. After buying LED lights, you can use them for many years, and you don’t have to buy new ones over and over again. With traditional lights, it is quite the opposite – such lights are cheaper at the beginning, but they must be often replaced. It’s better to pay for LED lighting once and enjoy it for years.

LED strip Lights

What are the different types of LED strip lights?

Some may say that there are two primary types of LED strip lights. Those are fixed single colour and colour changing LED strips – coloured LED strip types. However, there are also adjustable white LED lights – you can read about them below.

Fixed single colour

LED tapes are available not only in standard warm or cool whites but also in a broad range of colours. There are fixed single colour LED strip lights that emit single coloured lights. This type of LED strip lights provide “a streamlined” look and emit one colour.

Adjustable white

There are many LED strip lights available on the lighting market that let you control the colour temperature. They make adjusting the coolness and warmness of the light possible. Adjustable white lights are perfect for multipurpose rooms. Generally, white light is the most popular and useful option for indoor lighting applications. You can easily adjust the white of your tape from warm (ideal for a cosy and relaxing mood) to bright cool whites that are great for working conditions.

Colour changing RGB

Colour changing LED strip lights are made of a single strip and different coloured LEDs. Colour changing LED strips are also called RGB (red, green, blue) strips. This is because the most basic type of colour changing LED strip includes red, green and blue channels. You, as a user, are allowed to dynamically mix them together to achieve any colour you want. In different words, colour changing LED tapes have many colour channels which emit different colours when they are in use.

What are the differences between an LED strip light and an LED rope light?

Some people might think that LED rope lights and LED strip lights are the same thing, but this is not true. Both LED strips and ropes are versatile, however, LED ropes are not as bright as LED strips, so if you want display or task lighting – you ought to choose LED strips.

What’s more, LED rope lights are thick, so it’s hard to install them in some areas. They don’t come with an adhesive backing (like LED strips do) so mounting them is a bit problematic and requires larger mounting clips to hold the tubing in place.

It’s also worth knowing that LED rope light casing starts to fade when exposed to the sun for too long. All things considered, LED strips and LED ropes differ in many aspects, and you cannot compare them. We recommend choosing LED strip lights over LED rope lights.

LED strip lights

How to choose LED strips that are perfect for you?

Which LED strip lights are the best for you and fit your style the most? You need to consider a few factors to be able to decide. First, you ought to take the number of LED lights per length into account. The more LED diodes per metre, the brighter the lighting. Remember that if diodes are spread too far apart, your result will be nothing but spotty lighting.

The next thing you ought to consider is the number of lumens per length. If your goal is ambient or accent lighting, you will need high output LED strips. Make sure to account for LED density differences. To pick the most appropriate LED strip brightness controller or power supply, you need to take the voltage into account. 

What’s more, make sure to choose the method and type of adhesion that is easy and effortless. There is one more thing to look at – the colour temperature and the aesthetics which will complement your chosen space. Think about all those things, about your needs and preferences. This should help you make the right purchase decision and buy LED strip lights that are the best for you.


There are numerous LED strip lights available on the market. They differ in the number of lumens per metre. They are available in many shades of whites and colours. There are fixed single colour LED strips, colour changing LED strips and adjustable white LED strips. Select the ones that match your preferences

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