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Living In A Period Property In London: How To Match The Décor To The Retro Design Of Your Home

London is a stunning city, and for those who live there, it is a vibrant place to spend time. As the UK’s capital, it’s also brimming with sites of historical importance. Many boroughs across London have hundreds of listed buildings, which are of historical and cultural relevance. As such, many residents in the city often find themselves inhabiting a home from another time.

Living in a period property in London is a delightful experience that gives you a unique glimpse into the city’s rich architectural history. These homes, whether Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco, each have their unique characteristics and charm. To make the most of your period property, it’s important to match your décor to the retro design of your home, as we explain in this article.

Find The Perfect Furniture

Furniture makes a room, so you need to find the right items to make your space stand out and highlight your dedication to the period in question. Check out old books and images from the period in question to see what kind of furnishings they used and what items were the most prevalent, so you can find ones that suit your space. While you can find good-quality reproductions, choosing genuine antiques is often the best way to get the perfect period look for your home. Platforms like Antiques Boutique offer a range of reclaimed and restored artifacts from a variety of time periods, so you can find beautiful items to furnish every room in your home.

Learn More About The Period When Your Home Was Built

Before you start decorating, you should first understand the era in which your property was built. For instance, Georgian properties are known for their elegance and simplicity, Victorian homes for their lavish detail, Edwardian homes for their lighter, airier feel, and Art Deco properties for their bold, geometric designs. Find out when your home was built and see how you can incorporate the right design features. Even during the same period, there were different styles used, so you need to figure out what to need. Whenever your property was built, you should learn about the main colour palettes used and the styles of furniture so that you can select the perfect options.

Combine Traditional Style With Modern Comforts

While respecting the property’s history, don’t forget to bring in modern comforts. Central heating, double glazing, and energy-efficient appliances can all be incorporated without disrupting the period feel. Contemporary art can also work wonderfully in a period setting, providing an exciting contrast and point of conversation. The same goes for modern furnishings: the key is to make a statement with the contrast, to ensure that it looks deliberate and not messy. You’ll then be able to make sure that you create a stunning design that suits your needs.

Decorating a period property is about balancing respect for the past with the requirements of modern living. By understanding the era of your home and its architectural features, you can create a living space that feels both timeless and comfortable.

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