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Adding a Garden House to Your Garden: The Way to Expand Your Living Space

Have you been looking for ages for a way to expand your living space or make more use of your garden? Then getting a garden shed or log cabin is the best option for you!

Apart from the extra space you create with an extension like this one, you also create countless options. In fact, there are countless cool ways you can use this space, from making a home gym or office to creating the ultimate play area for your kids, the options are endless.

In this blog, we will elaborate on some of these cool ideas! Be sure to read on and get inspired. 

Different ways to utilize garden houses

Sports area

Are you a sports fanatic? Then a garden house is the perfect place to create your own home gym. Whether you like yoga, strength training or just want to get your daily exercise, anything is possible in this space.

Look for a garden house that offers you the space you need and then you can start designing your design, find possible devices you want to place, create a mirrored wall and put sports mats on the floor.

This way, without too much effort, you will have a professional gym in your backyard, where you can do your workout in privacy without having to leave your house. 

Home office

Working from home is a way of working that is becoming increasingly popular. But to do this optimally, you obviously need a nice and, above all, quiet workplace where you can keep your focus on work and not be distracted.

Especially if you share a house with young children, this can be tricky. Fortunately, garden sheds offer the perfect solution. 

Place a garden shed in your backyard and set up your perfect workspace. It is important to have a nice atmosphere in this place, as this is where you spend most of your working day.

So make sure you feel comfortable here and that you can get creative inspiration from your surroundings.

Furthermore, it is also important that you have the necessary facilities at this place, such as good internet, which is essential for you to be able to carry out your work. 

Playground For The Children

If you have children, a summerhouse or corner log cabin is the perfect place for them to play. Here they have their own place where they can safely let their creativity and imagination run wild.

Besides, you won’t be bothered by the kids’ fuss when you are at work or just want to watch a movie. Furthermore, you also avoid leaving a mess throughout your home. 

Sitting area/Mancave

Making more use of your outdoor space? Then creating a nice sitting area in a garden house, veranda or log cabin is the perfect way.

By creating a cosy corner in the garden, you will be more likely to sit outside, even in bad weather you will create a nice place to sit, with a stove you can stay here until winter. 

Besides, every man has had the dream of creating a man cave where they can enjoy a drink with their friends or watch a football game.

Add some nice chairs, place a stove and a bar with television and you have the place to have countless drinks and games with your friends! So be sure to take a look at Log cabins.


You can also use your garden shed or log cabin for some practical things. For example, if you have a lot of tools and appliances to take care of your garden, then a shed is the perfect solution for this.

You can also store things here that you don’t use as often, think cushions for a lounge sofa or even a drinks fridge that you can use during parties.

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