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8 Top Places To Eat With Kids In London

Of course, London is home to plenty of themed restaurants that will keep your children happy. The magical flavor of the food also makes your meals as smooth as possible.  The handful of child-friendly restaurants provides entertainment to your kids through the likes of the coloring of the equipment.

These restaurants also provide you, especially a variety of kid’s menus. These dishes are prepared to keep in mind your kid’s little taste buds. These foods are amazingly simple but delicious.

Many of the kid-themed restaurants offer you pasta options and mini burgers, and chips are also on that list. An additional bonus in taking your kids to kid-themed restaurants near London is the cost factor.

So, here is our pick of themed restaurants in London for families, check it out!

Best places to eat with kids in London

If you are looking for kid-friendly restaurants in London, here’s the ultimate guide.

Bread street café:

Bread street café:
Image Source: Open Table

The Bread Street Café is one of the most family-friendly restaurants in London that appeals to little people as well as grown-ups.  Kids can look forward to tasting the flavor of macaroni and cheese, meatball pasta with tomato sauce, burgers and mash, and burgers and chips.

Adults can also experience the taste of starters, salads, and main courses at a very reasonable rate. You can order a tequila drink starting at  £10 or finish your treatment with a sip of Rum at £8.

Finish your treatment with an extra sweetness of chocolate brownie to sticky toffee pudding is just £3.50.

Rating: 4.1/5

The phone number of this restaurant is:  +44 20 7352 4442

Not only this restaurant offers healthy and tasty food but also wants to enjoy the kids this experience.

Jungle Cave:

Jungle Cave:
Image Source: Official London Theater

No doubt there may be a lot of places you have experienced with your kids but your kids go wild for the Jungle Cave. Formerly named the rainforest Café, it is an exotic jungle-themed restaurant in London.  

Keep your little ones happy with the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest. Your kids will have so much fun after experiencing animatronic elephants, gorillas, and crocodiles.

Keep them happy with a child-friendly menu from cheese sticks to chocolate fudge cake deserts. There are also included plenty of varieties of dishes for grown-ups.

You can get jungle sausage combo at £26.00, classic burgers at £18.50, Porcini chicken at £20.50, and Pesto pasta only at £17.00. You can finish your dinner with apple Crumble desserts at £7.95.

There is also a cocktail menu that you may need a sharpener amongst all the jungle chaos.

Rating: 3.3/5

Phone number: +44 20 7434 3111

The Teahouse at Petersham Nurseries:

The Teahouse at Petersham Nurseries:
Image Source: Just Lovely Little Thing

You can surely plan for a family lunch at this hidden gem of a kid-friendly restaurant. Petersham is a garden center and a charming restaurant. Your children will be amazed to see the leafy-themed view of this restaurant.

The Teahouse offers you seasonal food, homemade cakes, salads, pasta, and whole-leaf teas all through the day.

Your kids will be amazed with getting the taste of fresh squeezed orange juice with pasta, and homemade delicious cake.

You can also get a variety of lunch menus such as jacket potato with Kiln smoked salmon, cream cheese, crispy shallots, served with seasonal greens; roasted Delica pumpkin with rice, orange, pomegranate, and toasted seeds.

All the dishes are full of aroma and you will get them at an affordable rate. You can get your lunch dishes at around £25.00.

You can also get a wide range of flavored tea in this restaurant.

Rating: 3.5/5

Phone number: +44 20 8940 5230


Image Source: Trip Advisor

Dishoom is one of the coolest restaurants in London with its Bombay-style décor. Dishoom pays reverence to the Irani cafes and the flavor of all Bombay. Dishoom is the current interpretation of Indian cuisine, if you want to discover the flavor of spices then go and taste the food.

Dishoom is also one of the child-friendly restaurants in London for its food and your kid also can order from the menu.

The menu for the kids is small and consists of slightly spiced items such as paneer and peepers, chicken thighs served with Bombay potatoes. Your kids also can get rice, bread, and nan items. They can finish their meal with fruit juice.

To enjoy Indian cuisine you can order Pau Bhaji at £5.90, Chili Chicken at £7.50, Paneer Tikka at £9.20, and also you can get the main course starting from £4.90.

Dishoom has plenty of collections of wines and beers such as Bella Storia spumante, Gosset, peacock cider, lion cider, and many more.

Rating: 4.5/5

Phone number: +44 20 7420 9320

Pizza East:

Pizza East:
Image Source: Pizza East

Pizza East is the perfect restaurant for kids in London where parents can also enjoy as much as their little ones. If you are at Shoreditch, Pizza East will be the perfect choice for you.

Pizza can never go wrong when comes to feeding hungry children and is also perfect for a family treat. Though there is no such a kid-dedicated menu, they can get a variety of options to get into.

You can enhance your taste buds with their signature pizzas to mozzarella sticks, Four cheese to Veal meatballs, and so on. You can get buffalo mozzarella at £9, Friggitelli peppers at £8, and marinated artichokes at £7. The price starts at £10 per topping per large pizza.

Rating: 4.5/5

Phone number: +44 20 7729 1888


Image Source: Evening Standard

Wagamama is another renowned family restaurant near London situated in 1992 and spread over many branches all over the city. They have a dish menu, especially for your kids and the taste of the food is awesome.

You can get easy eastern food dishes such as Gyoza, Ramen, or steamed buns. Your entire family including your kids will be happier as they will provide your food within one hour of ordering. If you want to stay here and want to spend your holiday then you need to book a room.

Wagamama offers you a variety of vegan items such as edamame with salt, bang bang cauliflower, work-fried greens, sticky vegan ribs, mixed mushroom bund, etc.

You can finish your treat with some refreshing juice such as tropical large, blueberry spice regular, carrot cleanse regular, etc.

Rating: 3.5/5

Phone number: +44 20 7403 3659


Image Source: Hospitality News

Wahaca is one of the main food chain restaurants in the UK with 13 branches. This restaurant is famous for its Mexican food. You and your kid will love the food. The restaurant is so colorful and vibrant.

The main dishes of this food hub are Wahacamole at £5.50, Mexican city nachos at £7.50, a Trio of fresh salsas at £1.95, free range pork pibil at £6.75, chargrilled steak and cheese at £7.95, and so on.

After the meal, your kids can enjoy the desserts such as churros at £6.25, chocolate and pecan brownie at £6.50, etc. The parents of the kids can get a sip of beer starting at £5.50.

Rating: 4.5/5

Phone number: +44 20 3951 9741

Berti & Boo restaurant & Play:

Berti & Boo restaurant & Play:
Image Source: Amazing Day Out

Berti & Boo restaurant is one of the nicest places in London where the parents can enjoy a sip of coffee while the kids are enjoying the soft play area.

The team of the restaurant thought of how to please both parents and children during their lunch and dinner times. You can also organize a birthday party for your kids.

Besides, the venue hosts storytelling sessions from Monday to Thursday with one session in the morning and another in the evening.  It is one of the best coffee shops near London.

The famous dishes of this food hub are smashed avocado, eggs Florentine, salt and black pepper calamari, and so on. The main attraction for the kids is the pizza. They have a wide variety of pizzas to choose from such as tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil pizza, roasted seasonal vegetables, mozzarella, pesto, and fresh basil pizza.

You can experience the vibrant taste of teas and coffees in this food café.

Rating: 3.9/5

Phone number: +44 20 3620 1785

Wrap up:

London is flooded with a variety of quality restaurants. So, don’t get confused while choosing the top restaurant in the city.

Hopefully, this list of our recommended best places to eat with your kids in London will help you out in choosing the next holiday dinner with your family.

You can check the menus and compare the pricing of the restaurants from the above list. Also, you can check the ratings of these restaurants as we have mentioned above.

Enjoy your family time in London! 

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