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Here Are DIY Projects to Improve Your Home Appearance

Whether you want to list your home or sell it in several years to come, a couple of home improvement DIY projects will be useful. Recent reports from Thumbtack and Zillow show that you can spend about $4,900 and get ROI in due time.

As a matter of fact, common DIY projects for home improvement to repair property for sale run the gamut from replacing windows and refinishing floors to cleaning carpets and painting the interior.

When preparing your home for sale, many DIY home improvement projects have gained more popularity nowadays. Some of these projects include the following:

1.     Update Cabinets

Brand-new cabinets can cost you a few thousand dollars. You won’t just spend for demolition services; you will also pay for installation and cabinets.

If you can carefully dismantle the current cabinets, you can make money by selling them at a garage sale or an online marketplace.

However, whether or not you recoup the costs, brand-new cabinets are quite expensive. If this isn’t what you planned for, you can tweak existing cabinets rather than completely replacing them.

You will surely be surprised how simple things like switching cabinet hardware may modernize the entire kitchen. But if you want more of an overhaul, paint the cabinets for a new look.

2.     Restore the Hardwood Flooring

Older homes are more likely to have hardwood flooring lurking under the carpet. Squeaky flooring is an indication that you have wood floors.

But if you are unsure, consider pulling up your carpet in one of the unnoticeable corners and have a look. If you have wood flooring, there is a high chance that you will need to repair it using a spray adhesive. It forms strong bonds in seconds, enabling you to restore your flooring to its original splendor.

3.     Make the Entrance Inviting

Landscaping and a cherry front-door color will do great wonders to your home’s curb appeal and, simultaneously, make a very lasting impression on visitors. Dress your front door using new hardware, and then add potted plants around the entrance.

You can also install outdoor lights to illuminate your walkway and the architecture of your home. Alternatively, replace your outdated welcome mat or rug with a bolder statement mat to create a welcoming and warm ambience.

4.     Upgrade the Countertops

If your outdated laminate countertops look pale, give yourself a Christmas gift early by replacing them. Acrylic solid surfaces are the most affordable options, but quartzite, quartz, and granite are worth the investment, too.

All these are stain/heat/scratch resistant and durable; you can find them in any reliable home improvement store nearby.

5.     Consider Creating a Wall of Basket Storage

This DIY storage project can take you one hour or less and save you a lot of time when keeping your living space tidy and organized. Consider targeting clutter hotspots by creating easy-access storage, which can encourage every household member to put their things away.

While working on this project, fix several strong metal hooks on your wall and hang one or two-handled baskets on each. A willow basket looks attractive and is perfect for a quick end-of-the-day tidy-up of magazines, books, and toys. Remember to label one for all family members to ensure everyone has a place to keep their things.

6.     Add Wallpaper

With increased wallpaper popularity, many stores now offer a range of options. Plus, their prices can knock off your socks.

Take heart, though. You don’t need to cover all the walls so that you can have a dramatic change. Installing wallpaper on just one wall can do, and this will make the entire project affordable. It can also lessen the mess, effort, and time of papering the entire house. This is a great solution for rooms with a plan wall, no built-ins, window trim and slim baseboards.

Start the project by taking a picture of the existing room and measuring the dimensions, and then take those measurements with you to a wall-covering or interior design store. Ask specialists to guide you through options that work well with the existing furnishings. The specialists can also help you choose the best wall for the wallpaper and estimate the amount of wall-coverings you should order.

7.     Opt for Window Treatments

Typically, window treatments are a simple DIY home improvement project that aims to change a home’s feel and look. Especially curtains are easy to get on a tight budget and install.

For instance, you may choose stylish curtain rods for just $7 on Wayfair and get two curtain panels at Target for around $25. If your home has windows of standard size, opt for adjustable no-sew drapes.

8.     Introduce Greenery

Just a few things can update dated or bland spaces like flowers and plants. Even simple potted plants can add vitality and happiness to a room while freshening the air.

If you don’t have a green thumb, consider starting easy by opting for durable plants which are tough to kill. Up your game by considering faux flowers or greenery, but ensure you buy high-quality ones.

9.     Install a Kitchen Backsplash

Installing a backsplash in your kitchen can instantly improve your home’s value. Adding one behind the hob will protect the paint and wallpaper from cooking splatter that can damage and stain walls. In addition, a backsplash serves as a barrier against water, enabling you to block mold growth.

Backsplash is available in various materials and styles, from wood, metal, and glass to ceramic tile. That means you will be sure to get one that matches the style of your kitchen and boosts its unique flair. No wonder this amazing mix of beauty and functionality is a perfect DIY home improvement project for beginners looking to increase their property’s value.

Final Touches

Although these DIY projects for home improvement might seem daunting, note that you don’t have to complete all the tasks to improve the value of your home. When evaluating which home improvement projects to work on, consider the amount of effort and time you will need, then sort them into can’t-dos and can-dos.

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