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How to Give Your Master Bedroom a Luxurious and Elegant Makeover

Do you find yourself flipping through home décor magazines or websites paying close attention to the master bedroom designs? Do you wish your bedroom had just a fraction of the elegance that those in the magazines portray?

The good news is with a makeover, you can transform your master bedroom and make it magazine-worthy. It may not even need much help; a few cosmetic touches may be all that necessary.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can give your master bedroom a much-needed luxurious and elegant makeover.

Change the Colour Palette for Maximum Impact

A makeover can feel pretty overwhelming when you aren’t sure where to start and what should be on the “must-do” list. Experts tend to suggest you begin by picking a colour palette.

The colour palette will help you with all design choices moving forward, which instantly makes things a little smoother. And if it’s an elegant and luxurious makeover you’re after, there are some very specific colour palettes worth considering.

Some of the best colour palettes to impart a sense of elegance in a master bedroom include:

  • Grey – all shades and all depths
  • White
  • Dark blue
  • Black
  • Muted lavender
  • Sky blue

In terms of where to use the colour palette, you can opt for one of two directions. You can use the walls as your “pop” of colour or the statement piece in the room and then use softer neutrals for the décor, or you can choose the opposite and keep the walls soft and neutral and use décor as the pops of colour. Using this technique will help you to create balance in the room.

Install an Eye-Catching Chandelier

There are plenty of options when it comes to bedroom lighting and while there is no wrong or right choice, if it’s elegance you’re going after, then an eye-catching chandelier is perfect. You want to choose one that is as large as the space allows while still looking proportional.

It’s also worth noting that a chandelier doesn’t mean you have to take a traditional approach, many modern-looking options feel fresh and new. Take your time looking around and ensure you’re happy with your choice.

Replace the Flooring and Anchor Your Design

One element that homeowners often overlook is the importance of flooring. Think about how much square footage the floor covers. If you don’t replace it with something stylish and new then you’re missing out on a huge design opportunity.

While there are many beautiful options for a master bedroom, carpeting creates a plush and luxurious vibe that hard flooring can’t compete with.

A lovely high-quality grey carpet will work with almost any design plan and décor, helping to pull the space together. You can pick a grey carpet that is traditional or one with some texture or even a pattern to make the space feel customised.

Another great thing about grey carpets is if you change your design choices or colour palette down the road, grey will still work since it is neutral. It’s a goof-proof colour choice in that sense.

Go All Out When It Comes to Linens

Because you are likely working with a budget, it’s important to prioritise where you splurge and where you make more cost-effective purchases. In terms of linens, this is a category worth splurging on. Luxury linen is going to feel sumptuous and likely wash much better, which means you’ll get more time out of them.

There’s also the fact that they give off an air of elegance. Luxury fabrics will look spectacular on the bed and create a high-end hotel vibe. Just be sure that whatever you purchase, it’s still within your chosen colour palette.

Designers also like the layering approach wherein you mix different textures, fabrics, prints and colours. This is something you can easily do yourself, and even swap pieces out as the season changes. For example, your winter bedding will likely be heavier and cosier, perhaps you’ll also need extra layers.

Don’t Leave the Walls Naked

Another tip is to make sure you don’t leave the walls “naked”. Hanging artwork and decor does wonders for the space, and again it helps to pull a design concept together.

This doesn’t mean you need to fill every empty spot on the wall, just a few strategically placed pieces are all it takes. When choosing the artwork pick pieces that feature your colour palette. The frame should also reflect the style of the room.

How About the Hardware?

Want to make your furniture and doors appear new without having to replace them? There’s a really simple solution and that’s to replace the hardware.

New hardware can reflect the elegant design concept and modernise otherwise tired pieces. Installing new pulls or handles on dressers and cabinets is also something you can easily do on your own, so it’s not a big involved project.

Your Clutter Needs to Vanish

Your room won’t feel very elegant and luxurious if you have clutter lying about, so don’t forget to include storage solutions in your design plan. Every item needs a place, which can be tricky if you have a small bedroom.

This is where creative storage can help and you’ll find plenty of those ideas online. Options such as under-bed storage, multifunctional furniture pieces, making use of wall space for shelving, and so forth can all be helpful.

For homeowners that still don’t have enough storage space even with creative solutions, then there’s a good chance you’d benefit from a massive decluttering. This means going through all your belongings and sorting them into three categories – keep, give away, and throw away.

A Fresh New Space You’ll Fall In Love With

Bedroom makeovers are one of the most popular home renovation projects there are and for good reason. Even with just a couple of small tweaks you can transform and modernise the space.

These ideas are fabulous for the homeowner who craves a more elegant and luxurious master bedroom but is unsure of where to begin. Keep in mind, the more of these tips you can use, the most impactful the makeover will be.

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