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Top 10 Halal Restaurant in Ilford for Food Lovers

In the London Borough of Redbridge, the thriving borough of Ilford has established itself as a center for Halal cuisine, enticing diners from all walks of life. In this multicultural neighborhood, the availability of Halal eateries has grown to be a key feature of the neighborhood dining scene.

Halal food is a term used to describe foods and drinks that are acceptable by Islamic dietary laws. It’s a word that covers both the ingredients and the preparation and handling processes.

Muslims place a great deal of attention on Halal cuisine since it is consistent with their religious practices and beliefs. The eating of Halal food is seen as an essential component of Islamic dietary regulation and demonstrates a dedication to righteousness and cleanliness. Following Halal guidelines is one way for devout Muslims to make sure their dietary choices are in line with their religion. They maintain a link between their physical and mental health by eating Halal cuisine to achieve spiritual nutrition.

Foodies now flock to Ilford in great numbers, especially those looking for halal options. Ilford, which has a sizable Muslim population and a multicultural population, has seen a boom in restaurants that specialize in Halal food from different cultures, including middle eastern, Indian, Pakistani, and Turkish cuisines. Ilford offers a variety of options for people wishing to savor delectable halal foods, from fast food joints to fine dining venues. So here we’ve discussed the top 10 halal restaurants in Ilford for food lovers below:

Top 10 Halal Restaurants in Ilford for food lovers:

1. Sahara Grill:

Sahara Grill
Image by Sahara Grill Ilford

Sahara Grill is a well-known halal eatery in Ilford that features a delicious combination of middle eastern & Mediterranean flavors. Sahara Grill offers a distinctive eating experience for food lovers looking for Halal options in Ilford. It is renowned for its grilled meats, luscious kebabs, and aromatic spices.

Diners can enjoy their halal gastronomic trip in an energetic environment thanks to the restaurant’s modern decor, lively ambiance, and welcoming personnel. 

Location: 408 Cranbrook Road in Ilford , IG26HW.

Menu: Specialties on the menu include Asian , fusion,steakhouse and grilled cuisines , halal , suitable for vegetarians .

Rating: 4 rating.

2. Jaipur of Chigwell:

Jaipur of Chigwell
Image by Ray S

This popular halal establishment in Ilford is well known for its delectable Indian cuisine. For halal cuisine enthusiasts seeking genuine Indian flavors in Ilford, Jaipur of Chigwell offers a great dining experience with a menu offering a variety of aromatic curries, savory biriyani, and traditional tandoori dishes. This one is the top halal restaurant in Ilford among these 10.

The halal cuisine is served in an elegant setting thanks to the restaurant’s attractive decor, soft lighting, and attentive service.

Location:734 Chigwell Road , Woodford, IG88AL

Menu:English cuisine specialties Indian , Asian , Balti and Bangladeshi cuisines. special diets gluten -free , halal vegetarian and vegan options.

Rating: 4.5 rating.

3. Harman Restaurant : 

Harman Restaurant
Image by Harman Turkish restaurant

In Ilford, the renowned halal restaurant Harman Restaurant serves delectable authentic Indian and Pakistani food. Delicious curries, biriyanis, and tandoori delicacies are served at Harman Restaurant with an emphasis on conventional tastes and enticing spies.

It is a popular destination for foodies looking for a halal restaurant in Ilford. A peaceful ambiance is created for customers to enjoy their halal eating experience through the restaurant’s appealing decor, relaxing lighting, and attentive service.

Location: Ilford, IG26HW 376-378 Cranbrook Road.

Menu: On Sundays, they provide special meals,but during the week,try the Halep Kebab or the Lamb Tava.

Ratings: 4.5 rating.

4. Loaded Gourmet Burgers and Fries:

Loaded Gourmet Burgers and Fries
Image by Harjit Jagdev

In Ilford, this well-known halal restaurant is known for its delectable burgers and fries. For halal cuisine enthusiasts searching for delectable burgers in Ilford, Loaded offers a pleasant eating experience with a variety of inventive burger options, from traditional beef patties to vegetarian and chicken alternatives.

Loaded Gourmet Burgers and Fries is a laid-back, energetic atmosphere that is ideal for an enjoyable dining experience. Diners can enjoy their halal hamburgers and fries in a welcoming environment thanks to the restaurant’s contemporary decor, lively ambiance, and helpful personnel.

Location: 68 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, England,IG14NH 68 Cranbrook Road, I1ford, England,IG1 4NH

Menu: American cuisine specialties, fast food Special dietary halal, vegetarian

Ratings: 4 rating.

5. Faroz restaurant:


Faroz restaurant
Image by Faroz Restaurant-Ilford

Ilford’s Faroz is a renowned halal eatery that serves excellent Turkish and Mediterranean food. For halal cuisine lovers searching for genuine flavors in Ilford. Faroz offers a great dining experience with a menu that includes a selection of kebabs, grilled meats, and classic Turkish meals.

The atmosphere at Faroz is chic and welcoming and perfectly encapsulates Turkish and Mediterranean culture. Diners can enjoy their halal eating experience in a comfortable and enjoyable environment thanks to the restaurant’s modern decor and laid-back attitude.

Location: 2-4 Clements Road in Ilford, IG1 1BA, Specialties on the English menu include Turkish , Middle Eastern ,  and Mediterranean cuisines.

Menu: Halal and vegetarian -friendly specialties.

Rating : 4 rating.

6. Sultan Restaurant:

Sultan Restaurant
Image by Muhammad Azeem

A well-liked halal dining establishment in Ilford is well known for its traditional Turkish fare. Sultan Restaurant offers mouthwatering kebabs, grilled meats, and savory Turkish dishes with an emphasis on premium ingredients and time-honored cooking methods. A must-stop for people looking for halal food in Ilford with a Turkish flair.

The restaurant’s excellent interior design, cozy seating, and cozy lighting help to create a pleasant and inviting ambiance for customers.


Location: Ilford ,IG1 4TA,165-169 Cranbrook Road.

Menu:Menu features include vegetarian options , halal certified meats slow cooked on skewers, and Sultan’s favorites . The chicken wrapped best and lamb kebabs are two locals’ preferred dishes.

Ratings: 4 rating.

7. Bella Italia:

Bella Italia

Popular Ilford halal eatery Bella Italia serves delectable Italian Food. Bella Italia offers halal cuisine enthusiasts looking for a taste of Italy in Ilford a fulfilling eating experience with a menu that includes a variety of pizzas, pasta, and risottos.

Diners may enjoy their halal Italian meal in a cozy and private setting thanks to the restaurant’s warm and rustic decor and soothing lighting.

Location: Unit 30 Gallions Reach Shopping Park 3 Armada Way Gallions Reach Retail Park , Backton, London ,E67ER .

Menu:  In England cuisines we get here Italian, grill, special diets gluten free , halal , vegetarian and vegan options .

Rating: 4.5 rating

8. Wok Wala Street Kitchen:

Wok Wala Street Kitchen:
Image by Wok Wala Street Kitchen

A well-known halal eatery in Ilford that serves a distinctive combination of Asian street food. Wok Wala offers Mouthwatering stir-fries, noodle meals, and fragrant curries on its colorful menu, which draws inspiration from tastes found throughout Asia. A must-go for halal cuisine lovers in Ilford seeking a varied dining experience.

Wok Wala Street Kitchen’s atmosphere is alive and bouncy, perfectly portraying the vivacious energy of Asian street food. Diners can enjoy their halal gastronomic trip in an engaging environment created by the restaurant’s contemporary and vibrant decor and lively activity.


Location: Ilford , London , IG3 8RL,733 High Rd.

Menu: Sticky chicken wings and wok fried ribs are among the local’s favorites.

Ratings:4.5 rating


9. Filika Restaurant:

Filika Restaurant
Image by Mark Andrews

Ilford’s Filika is a well-known halal eatery that serves Turkish and Mediterranean food. Filika offers a great dining experience for fans of halal food with a menu packed with delectable kebabs. mezze platters, and classic Turkish meals. For anyone searching for genuine Turkish cuisine in Ilford, this is a must-stop.

The atmosphere at the Filika restaurant is welcoming and pleasant, with a homely and genuine Turkish vibe. Diners can enjoy their halal eating experience in a comfortable and laid-back ambiance thanks to the restaurant’s beautiful decor and friendly personnel.


Location: 62 high street Wanstead , London , England , E11 2RJ.

Menu:Mediterranean, seafood, middle eastern, and international cuisines are featured on the menu.

special diets on gluten free , halal , vegetarian, and vegan options.

Rating:5 rating

10. MyLahore British Asian Kitchen :

MyLahore British Asian Kitchen
Image by MyLahore Birmingham

Popular Ilford halal eatery MyLahore British Asian Kitchen serves a distinctive fusion of British and Asian cuisine. MyLahore offers halal food enthusiasts looking for a fusion of cultural cuisines in Ilford a great dining experience with a menu that features foods like biriyanis, curries, and fusion burgers.

MyLahore British Asian Kitchen is a dynamic, energetic ambiance that makes customers feel welcome. The restaurant’s stylish and modern atmosphere, along with the welcoming personnel make for a pleasant eating experience.


Location: Barking IG110AD, 2 Jenkins Lane Unit 1. Indian Asian , British and fusion cuisine are included on the England menu.

Menu: Special diets halal, vegan and vegetarian options.

Rating: 4.5 rating.




We highlighted the Top 10 Halal Restaurants in Ilford for Food lovers throughout the post, including MyLahore British Asian Kitchen, Wok Wala Street Kitchen, Bella Italia, Sultan Restaurant, Jaipur of Chigwell, etc.

Ilford’s burgeoning halal restaurant culture not only accommodates the dietary demands of the Muslim minority but also showcases the town’s openness and diversity.

Muslims attach great importance to halal food, and the availability of halal options enables them to eat out with confidence and align their dietary preferences with their religion. Additionally, it offers people of many backgrounds the chance to experience the rich and varied flavors of halal cuisine.

The top 10 halal restaurants included in this article serve a wide variety of scrumptious foods, from mouthwatering biriyanis and tasty wraps to savory kebabs and aromatic curries.


Q. Where can I get premium quality drinks among the halal restaurants in Ilford? 

Ans. Naan Staap, Sahara Grill Ilford, Shahs Halal Food Ilford Exchange, etc. are some of the best places to have premium quality drinks at Ilford.

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